New Years Eve Goes Off With A Bang

Date: 31 December 2009 to 10 January 2010
Where I’ve Been: Sydney
Where I’ve Stayed: Pete’s House

Collage of travel photos

After so many years of watching it on TV I finally got to experience seeing New Years Eve in at Sydney Harbour and it was amazing!


I started New Years Eve in the city with Pete and a couple of his friends where we had a few beers. Then when they left to see in the New Year at home I headed over to a suburb called Balmain to meet my friend Ben and his wife Rachel.

Balmain is literally just over the water from the Harbour and Opera House. We found a point on the edge of the peninsula where we could see across towards the Harbour and sat down to enjoy plenty of food and alcohol. It was busy, but nowhere near as busy as the Harbour would be and we had our own space and a great view.

Backpacking Sydney
Getting ready for the fireworks at Balmain

As you can imagine the atmosphere was electric and the weather was great. We counted down the hours, then the minutes and then the seconds and finally it was New Year! We watched a seemingly never ending shower of fireworks go off and linked arms to sing Auld Lang Syne.

Scary to think we are now in a new decade! I certainly wouldn’t have imagined ten years ago that I would be seeing in the next decade sat on a hill looking across to Sydney Harbour.

Backpacking fireworks
Fireworks! Apologies for the poor quality of photo


That said my first few days of the 2010’s (how do you refer to the decade from 2010 to 2020?!) have been fairly uneventful.

I have caught up with another backpacker friend, Jamie, who I met and traveled with in Vietnam. He was staying at BASE Hostel in Sydney, so we had a few drinks in the bar next door called ‘The Scary Canary’. Was quite nice to be back in a backpacker vibe again actually! I ended up spending the night there for reasons I can’t divulge and made my way back to Pete’s the next day feeling slightly fragile!

I also caught up with another ex work colleague Tim. Funnily enough Tim, Ben (who I saw New Year in with) and I all worked together at the same place in Tonbridge and now the two of them are living in Sydney.

Backpacking Sydney
The Scary Canary!


Today is my last day in Sydney, which I am a mixture of happy and sad about. I am sad to leave behind Pete and Shelley (my wonderful hosts) and all of their friends that I feel have now become my friends and I am sad to leave behind the other friends, both old and new I have made here. But I am excited to move on somewhere new, I have been in Sydney three weeks – the longest I have stopped anywhere and I need to use my time constructively traveling again!

Yesterday I had a catch up with all of these friends at various points in the day, there was a lot of eating and drinking and a great time had by all. Anyway as I write now I am waiting to leave Pete’s house where he will take me to the airport for my next flight.

Then it will be hello Tasmania and hello my to my aunt Christine and my uncle David, whom I have only seen once before in living memory!


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4 thoughts on “New Years Eve Goes Off With A Bang”

  1. I’m jealous 🙂
    Always wanted to see Australia and fireworks on a warm New Years Eve (exotic for us northerners) seems perfect.

    Are you actually backpacking? All your stuff on your back? I associate that with tents, bugs in my coffee and the lot. The hotel looks much nicer 🙂

    • It was perfect! Yes I am one of many backpackers out here – all my stuff on my back, but no tent and no bugs and I don’t drink coffee – haha.

      Some of the hostels out here are actually as good as hotels!

  2. Looks like someone had some real fun. I have never been to Australia’ not talking about Sydney. It is something that I am definitely going to do’ if not this December than for sure in the next one. It should be the excellent time as far as the weather conditions over there at that time of the year.

    Can you give us some information as to the expected costs from a couple that wants to travel there for two weeks?

    • It is expensive – very expensive. Don’t know how much hotels cost, but hostels are around 30GBP a night and eating out and drinking is expensive too, more than British prices anyway. DEfinitely worth a visit though – it is a great place.


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