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[tab title=”The Details” icon=”icon-entypo-info”]Date: 14 March and 15 March 2011 
Where I’ve Been: Kuala Lumpur Airport and Tonbridge, England
Where I’ve Stayed: On a plane and… at home! [/tab]


Collage of travel photos

As I sit and write this blog post, back in my own bed, a bed I last slept in 18 months ago, everything seems very surreal, very surreal indeed.

My last sub-head (almost!)

I was up early yesterday morning (although it seems ages ago now!) and wandered to a little Warung for my last breakfast of my travels. In fact I seemed to be mentally counting off the last things I would be doing on my travels, my last sleep and then my last breakfast. Then I got a (my last!) taxi from Kuta to Denpasar Airport, arriving around 11am.

Checked my bag in and at 2.30pm flew to Kuala Lumpur, arriving in Malaysia at 5.30pm. Funnily enough I had never made it to Malaysia in my travels, so this was my first ‘visit’ to the country.

I had a few hours to kill before my flight back to Stansted, so I changed my Indonesian Rupiah into Malaysian Ringitts and got a tea and a bun at Starbucks and sat there for a couple of hours reading and thinking about everything that had happened to me over the past 18 months. The people, the places, the experiences, so much has happened and that is probably worthy of a separate post in itself.

Above: Left – The first photo of me on my travels, with Ben and Mary in Bangkok in September 2009. Right – The last photo of me on my travels with Lisa and Cristina in Kuta, Lombok in March 2011.

It is grey, it is raining, it is England!

Just after 1am (Malaysian time) I got on (my last) flight of my travels. I remember distinctly being on my flight out, thinking about how it would feel when I flew home, thinking about everything I would experience, and now here I was.

The flight was almost 13 hours. I got a couple of hours of sleep, and at 7am I touched back down in England 18 months to the very day I left. Went through customs (for the last time on my trip!) and was back in the arrivals area to meet my dad and Sanchia at 7.40am.

As I could have guessed it was grey and raining on the drive home and the temperatures were lower than anything I had experienced since I left! I really knew I was back in England now!


I drove back through the town I had left behind, and it looked exactly the same, I got home and went back upstairs to dump my bag in my room I had left 18 months ago and nothing had changed, but I knew I had definitely changed.

I drank tea, watched British TV, ate crisps and am now laying in bed, my bed, for the first time in 18 months ready to sleep the sleep of the dead!

What an amazing time…

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