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[tab title=”The Details” icon=”icon-entypo-info”]Date: 28 August 2010 to 19 September 2010
Where I’ve Been: Sydney, Australia
Where I’ve Stayed: Ashfield Manor, Sydney[/tab][/tabs]

Collage of travel photos

This week I have mostly been watching DVDs! Since I moved into Ashfield Manor I feel like I have really expanded my cultural horizons. The Blockbuster in Summer Hill has an offer to hire 5 DVDs for $5 for 7 days, so I have taken it up and started watching so many films I have meant to watch for ages recently.

I’ve also been devouring the papers which are delivered free to Ashfield Manor every morning to keep up to date with current affairs, and reading quite a few books!

Life is simple, life is good

I am actually quite enjoying this fairly simplistic lifestyle. Work is fine and I can leave Ashfield Manor and be at my desk within 30 minutes. I’ve made some good friends at work, so quite often we head out after work for a drink or two. If we don’t I head back home, go for a run and then have dinner and watch a film and read a paper.

On a Sunday I have regularly Sunday sessions which involve me getting a train to the centre of Sydney, then jump on a ferry at Sydney Wharf where I head over to Manly and meet my friend Kieran where we go to the Manly Wharf – a beautiful bar right on the water – where we have a few beers and sit in the sun!

Backpacking in Sydney
The lounge at Ashfield Manor where I eat and read the papers

I’ve also started going regularly to a Thursday night quiz night with a few people from work, which is always really social and good fun – one of the rounds involves everyone making a paper aeroplane and whoevers flies furthest gets points!


There has also been the monumental day that marked me leaving home a year ago! I cannot believe how backpacking has made such a big impact on my life. Without it sounding cliched it has changed me as a person I am sure – being able to navigate my way around South-East Asia on my own means now that anything at home will seem easy in comparison!

I’ve met so many fantastic people and seen so many great things. Also my experiences in places like Cambodia in particular, where people have nothing and are so happy has made me realise how lucky I am and given me a different perspective on life.

I remember being on the plane out and thinking, ‘wow, a year today I will be flying home and I will probably have made so many memories and have so many stories to tell’. Well I am not flying home, but I have made so many memories and do have so many stories to tell and hopefully more to come.

For anyone who is reading this and wants to go travelling, but is having trouble working up the courage to do so, get out there and do it, just get out there and do it – you will be happy you did.



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