All good things must come to an end


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Date: 21 May 2010 to 25 May 2010
Where I’ve Been: Naviti and Nadi, Fiji
Where I’ve Stayed: Botaira Beach Resort in Naviti and Bluewater Lodge in Nadi[/tab][/tabs]

Collage of travel photos

I feel genuinely sad writing this as my time in Fiji is just about to come to a close and it has been perfect in so many ways. I have been so lucky to spend over two weeks on the most idyllic, picture postcard, desert islands, completely relaxing with two fantastic people whilst meeting many others. In particular Faye and I got very close and it was very sad when I said goodbye to her earlier today.

Backpacking in Naviti
Happy Hour with Faye in Naviti

Volleyball, spear throwing and coconut demostrations

Anyone at the end of my last blog we had managed to get back to Naviti and back to Botaira Beach Resort after two very disappointing days at Octopus Resort on Waya. We were welcomed back onto the island like old friends by staff and fellow guests – it was so nice.

So we settled into a familiar routine of lounging in hammocks, chatting, reading, drinking anad stargazing! On our first afternoon back we did our bit of activity with a game of volleyball against fellow guests and staff. Then our activity for the second afternoon was spear throwing which was great fun and made me feel like a real Neanderthal man (almost!).

Backpacking in Naviti
Spear throwing in Naviti

After the spear throwing we had a coconut demonstration where one of the members of staff literally shimmed 20 foot up a coconut tree in his bare feet to bring some coconuts down. His agility was incredible! We were then shown how they weaved the leaves from the tree together to make a tray and we all had a go at it ourselves, rather unsuccessfully, before finally the tops were sliced off of the coconuts and we drank some of the coconut water which was delicious!

Backpacking in Naviti
Left – Picking coconuts on Fiji. Right – Just another sunset

Farewells and Goodbyes

Friday 21 May was the last day of two great Australian couples we had met, so in the evening we all sat round and chatted with them and then the following day was our last full day on the island – we didn’t do too much, just took in the complete peace and quiet and relaxed even more!

Backpacking in Naviti
The great group we met in Fiji – our last night together

We left Botaira on the 2.30pm boat on Sunday (23 May), just before that a load of travellers we had met in our brief stay at Octopus Resort turned up – they had obviously listened to us raving about Botaira! It was very sad saying goodbye to all the staff, I have never felt so at home anywhere – we had a lovely few days there.

Back in Nadi

We arrived back in Nadi to stay at Bluewater Lodge, where we had stayed before leaving for the Yasawa Islands. We went for a few drinks at Smugglers Cove across the road and then in the evening Faye and I walked along the beach before sitting in a hammock and talking about how we felt about each other. She is heading to Hawaii for a couple of weeks and then home whilst I will be travelling for longer obviously. Whatever happens I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed all those weeks ago on the way to Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand – both her and her sister Lucy are great.

Backpacking in Naviti
Waking up to this view every morning was amazing

Yesterday we went into Nadi itself to have a wander around the town and go to some craft markets. The town itself doesn’t really offer much, I don’t think many travellers stay here long, it is probably just a stop off point on the way to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. Nevertheless at least we can say we have seen it!

Goodbyes are hard

This morning I got up at 5.30am to say goodbye to Faye and Lucy as they had an early morning flight to the States. I was genuinely a very sad moment as I have grown very close to them both, especially Faye. We hugged and said we would see each other back in the UK and then they were gone and I was left feeling a little deflated.

Backpacking in Naviti
Fresh coconut water in Fiji with Lucy!

The hard thing about being a backpacker is saying goodbye to all the good friends you make – it doesn’t get any easier and I have spent most of today moping around not doing much waiting for my flight.

So I am now in Nadi airport waiting to move on again, but this time there has been a change of plan! All will be revealed in my next blog…

Backpacking in Naviti
The sun has set on my time in Fiji




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3 thoughts on “All good things must come to an end”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I really enjoy reading your blog about your journey backpacking to different countries. It’s like I am reading a book about the story of an adventurer, difference is this is real life.

    I look forward to read more adventures you have on other countries that you had never visited before. You never cease to impress readers like me.

    All the best, cheers!

  2. I love your blog. Sounds like a really great time and that maybe you and Faye will be getting together? I will be looking forward to reading and seeing if I am correct 🙂 Fiji looks so amazing, and how wonderful to meet such great people that you can become longtime friends with. Sounds like a great vacation was had by all. Wonderful story!


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