A truly tragic incident


[tab title=”The Details” icon=”icon-entypo-info”]Date: 11 December 2010 to 16 December 2010
Where I’ve Been: Auckland, New Zealand
Where I’ve Stayed: Bond Street Lodge, Auckland[/tab]


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The last few days have been quite busy for a number of reasons – but they have been punctuated by two incidents that have happened in Bond Street Lodge where I am living – one bizarre and one truly tragic.

Taken a bit of a beating

On the Friday evening just after I finished my last blog post (10 December) I was watching TV in the communal area with Cait and Roy – my Irish friends here in Bond Street Lodge. Around 10pm another young chap called Dennis, also living on our floor walked into the lounge and chatted to us for a bit. I’d talked to him before, but he seemed a bit subdued this time and was limping slightly.

He told us that something had happened to him that evening and he had taken a bit of a beating from the Police. But he told us he deserved it and that he didn’t want to talk about it as he didn’t like bringing his outside life into Bond Street Lodge where we were living. He then joined us in having a beer and chatting, before he headed up to bed about 11.30pm and about half an hour later Cait, Roy and I went out separate ways.


I was up the next morning about 9.30am in the kitchen area making myself some breakfast, when all of a sudden I heard someone screaming. Except it wasn’t the kind of screaming you hear when someone is scared or hurt or in danger, it was more the kind of noise someone makes when someone else has played a trick on them, maybe jumped out and surprised them. I was buttering some toast and the noise last the entire duration it took for me to do that – around 30 seconds.

I carried my breakfast out of the kitchen towards my room, and as I was about to enter the main corridor about three or four people rushed past sprinting up the corridor. I had no idea what was going on but went back to my room, ate my breakfast and then popped into Kingsland (the suburb of Auckland I live in) to get a few things and then went back to Bond Street Lodge.

As I entered the Lodge there was a sign up at the entrance telling all residents that Dennis who lived in the third floor has sadly passed away. I was totally confused by this and spoke to Cait and Roy when I saw them to ask what happened.

Turns out that after we spoke to him on the Friday night Dennis had gone back to his room and tragically hung himself. His mum had arrived the next morning as they had an appointment somewhere and basically opened the door to his room to find his dead body. The screams I had heard were his mother as she found him that morning.

Just so terrible and I feel so sorry for his poor mum.

A drunk, naked man in my room

Just three days later the other incident in Bond Street Lodge occurred – this one very bizarre. On Tuesday (14 December) evening I had literally stepped the five yards from my room into the shower room to clean my teeth before going to bed. I was in there five minutes maximum, then I walked back into my room and there, sitting on the chair next to my bed, was a rather large, hairy, completely naked (apart from a pair of boxer shorts) middle aged man!

It soon became apparent he was also very drunk. It took a while for my brain to click into gear and after a few seconds I realised it was the guy who lived down the opposite end of the corridor to me, his room mirroring my room in its position. I can only presume that he must have gone to go into the bathroom, found it was locked as I was in there, and then gone back to what he thought, in his drunken state, was his room, when it was in fact mine!

Anyway I told him he needed to get out of my room, he seemed a bit confused by what was happening. After about five attempts he managed to get off of the chair and just about walk to my door and make his way out into the corridor. Luckily I don’t think anyone saw him leave my room, otherwise I would have had some explaining as to why a practically naked, 50 odd year old man, was leaving my room at midnight!

A job!

So my other piece of major news is that… I have a job! Yesterday (Wednesday 16 December) one of the recruitment agencies I had contacted said NZ Telecomm might be looking for someone to do a marketing role for a couple of weeks. Then today they called me back and told me I start tomorrow for two weeks – one week before Christmas and one week in the New Year.

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